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   This wing was started for the purpose of transportation of ready-to-eat food and ready-to-cook products that are produced by the factory to various feeding centres within the State. However, due to wear and tear of these heavy vehicles and also due to huge increase in quantum of foods to be transported, this activity of food distribution has been entrusted to transport contractors by floating annual tenders.

    Presently, we have 05 Cars, One Tempo Trax and 3 DCM vehicles, one TATA vehicle.

    The Cars & Tempo Trax are used for the purpose of Executive Conveyance, conveyance for officials for official works such as visiting offices in the City, local purchases etc. The DCM vehicles are being utilized for the purpose of shifting raw materials from grain godowns to pre-process areas and then to process areas inside the factory.

    Automobile wing have well trained, as well as experienced Drivers and Mechanics.

    For mobility of material from Energy food plant to UNICEF plant, there are two DCM vehicles and one Goods carrier (TATA truck).

    Periodical checking and  maintenance of Cars, DCM and TATA truck vehicles.

    Automobile wing maintain fuel consumption of vehicles and Diesel Generators every month.



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