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Future Strategies


  •     Expansion of production capacity by addition of new machinery.

  •     Replacement of old machinery by new machinery wherever necessary.

  •     Development of nutritious food with extrusion based technology & Commercialization.

  •   Erection of new plant with a capacity of 10 MT/Hour with latest technology and construction of a new building with all modern facilities.

Proposed GAIN project of 10 MT / Hr capacity Plant in A.P. Foods:

GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR IMPROVED NUTRITION (GAIN) is a SWISS foundation that mobilizes public private partnership and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of mal-nutrition.  GAIN has been created in 2002 at a Special Session of UN General Assembly on children.  GAIN’s goal is to reach more number of people with fortified foods that has sustainable nutritional impact. 

GAIN is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and has Regional Offices in Cairo, Johannesburg, New Delhi and Washington DC.

 GAIN has appointed a Consultant to study the performance of A.P. Foods in terms of manufacturing and supplying of quality, hygienically prepared nutritious food and feasibility of expansion of the capacity of production and based on the report of the Consultant, GAIN provided a grant of US Dollars 1.828 Million towards expansion for purchase of machinery and equipment.

Grant Agreement with GAIN has been signed on 30.06.2009 after clearance from the Principal Secretary to Government, WD, CW & DW Department, Hon’ble Minister of Women & Child Welfare and the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh State.

Status of GAIN Project

  • Internal Kachha Roads formation in progress

  • New Gate opened in Northern side of the proposed Site

  • Clearances from Forest Department obtained

  • Clearances from Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board is under progress

  • PMC has been entrusted with the job of obtaining all  other clearances from various Departments under Single Window Scheme through the Industries Department.

  • Global Tenders floated on 06-07-2010

  • Global Re - Tenders floated on 13.09.2010

  • Government accorded permission to obtain direct quotes from the  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) on Turn-Key Basis.

  • 4 OEMs for supply of machinery have been qualified and the same is under process.

  •  New Plant is expected to be commissioned by October’2012.

Civil Works

  •  Construction of GAIN Building

  •  Construction of Administrative Building

  •  Construction of Quality Control Lab

  •  Construction of Godowns

  Installation of Double Fortified ( Iodine & Iron) Salt Plant

  • It is proposed to set up a Double Fortified Salt (DFS) Plant in A.P. Foods with an   installed capacity of 30,000 MTs per Annum. NIN is offering the technical guidance.

  • The State Govt., has accorded Permission & the MOU entered with NIN is under renewal.

  • It is proposed to purchase refined salt and double fortification with Iron and Iodine will be undertaken at A.P. Foods.

  • Tests for Production of DFS for in-house consumption has been    conducted in the month of July 2011.

  • Construction of DFS Plant Building in A.P. Foods is in progress.

Capacity Building of Extruder Plant :

  • The purchase of two lines of each 2 MT/Hr capacity Extruder Plant is in process to meet production requirement of 36000 MTs. per annum.

  • Quotes have been invited from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) as per the resolution of the Executive Committee meeting held on 10.06.2011.

  • Quotes received from OEM’s is under evaluation and PMC for Documentation work for the project are being identified.


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