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1)  Maintaining   Personal  Files & Service  Registers of all employees.

2)  Look after  Security  arrangements of the  Organization through Special Protection Force and  Private  Security Services at Vizag  site.

3)  Running Subsidised Canteen for employees in A.P. Foods premises.

4)  Coverage of Insurance for  Plant  & Machinery, Buildings, Vehicles, Raw material, Furniture & Fixtures and GPAP for  employees.

5)  Sponsoring  employees  to the  seminar/workshops/training  programmes etc.

6)  Maintaining  Attendance of  all  employees,  leave records & controlling Time Office.

7)  Maintaining  ESI records of all employees  and checking of  ESI remittances made by Labour Contractors engaged  for  day  to day business of  the Organization.

8)  Recruitment of employees,  apprenticeship trainees, promotions, disciplinary actions, transfers etc.  and  appointment of deputationists.

9)  Procurement of  Office  equipment & maintenance,  stationery, uniform & shoes for employees etc.

10)  Sanction of  Medical  claims, LTC,  Children Education Advance and concession, Festival Advance, Telephone bills, News papers, Magazine, TA-DA claims and  Annual  Grade Increment to  the employees  etc.

11) Processing  of  Two wheeler/four wheeler/computer /Medical/House Building/ Marriage Advances to  the employees and  forwarding  of applications  for  personal/ Housing/vehicle loans  to the  Banks.

12)  Furnishing   of quarterly  returns,  biennial report  to the Employment  Exchange.

13)  Furnishing of   Half-yearly reports in respect of workforce to ESI Corporation & EPF returns monthly/yearly to the P.F. organisation.

14) Furnishing of quarterly & annual returns in respect of the employees to Income-tax department.

15)  Preparation of  monthly  statements  for  payment of Salaries, Over Time, Shift Allowances, Roaster  Allowance, Vitamin  Premix allowance, Steering allowance ,  reimbursement   of   conveyance allowance, Washing allowance, Lunch    allowance  to the employees.

16)   Furnishing of   Annual  returns  to Sample  Survey Office.

17)  Appointment  Standing  Counsel  and  settlement of his claims.

18)  Processing of  Misc.expenditure and  local conveyance claims of the employees.

19)  Maintaining  vehicle  movement  section, deployment of vehicles and  drivers.

20)  Maintaining Inward  and  Outward  of the Organization.

21)  Maintaining  EPABX Lines and Xerox  of the organization.

22)  Payment of Property Tax of the organization.

23)  Look after employees  grievances, redressal, welfare measures, cultural affairs, conducting of elections to the office bearers once  in two  years  etc.

Welfare measures undertaken for Employees 

   Production Linked Incentive:  Rs. 500/- per MT over & above production of 5,625 MTs are being paid @70% for production staff and 30% for non-production staff every month.

   Canteen facility with 80% subsidy:  Providing  one time Tiffin, one time full meal / bread (for night shift employees) and two times tea at the cost of Rs.5/- per person per day. Egg provided twice in a week for each employee.  

   Uniform: 2 pairs of dress, 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of shoe and a cap per year are provided to male employees. 3 Sarees, 1 pair of chappal and a cap per year are provided to female employees. Stitching Charges Rs.600/- per pair for male employees & Rs.500/- for female employees. 

    Washing Allowance : Rs.400/- and one carbolic soap per month is given to each employee.  

    Conveyance Allowance: Cost of Petrol @ 75 Ltrs for 4 wheelers to Dy managers and above, @55 Ltrs to Supervisor Gr.II and  @ 35 Ltrs for 2 wheelers per month is reimbursed subject to 20 days attendance. For the employees attending to office by bus, Rs.900 per month is paid.  30 Lts of petrol cost was considered to the employees whose basic pay of Rs.8,440/- below and Rs.900/- (Bus Pass) is extended to Hamalies. 

  Medical Reimbursement:  Employees drawing Rs.15,000/- or below are covered under ESI . Employees not covered by ESI are reimbursed Rs.2.00 lakh as per G.O.Ms.No.105 HM & FW dept., dt.09-04-2007 in case of major ailments such as Kidney transplantation, Bypass Surgery, Neuro surgery, Cancer, Etc.  Rs.3000/- was sanctioned towards reimbursement of medical expenses @250/- per month along with salary.

     Shift Allowance:                                           

                   B Shift :Supervisors & above cadre - Rs.75.00, for others Rs.60

                C Shift : Supervisors & above cadre - Rs.90.00, for others Rs.75

      Roaster Allowance: Rs.100/- per shift.

      Steering Allowance: Rs.50/- per day.

      Allowance for preparation of  Vitamin Premix :Rs.75/- per shift.

      Lunch Allowance: Rs.75/- per day who leave the office for more than 4 hours on office duty.

      Machine Allowance :Rs.300/- per month to every employee.

      Computer Allowance: Rs.400/- per month for the Assistants in office side.

       Chakki Operator Allowance :Rs.50/- per shift.

      Extruder Allowance        :  Rs.50/- per Shift

       Vitamin Premix Allowance        :  Rs.75/- per Shift.

      Panel Operator Allowance        :  Rs.50/-per Shift.

      Educational Advance: Rs.10,000/- recoverable in 10 EMI for eligible employees every year   including C.Ls and Hamalies.

      Marriage Advance : Rs.50,000/- for male employees (Self/son marriage),  Rs.75,000/- for female employees (self/daughter marriage). Rs.1,000/- also sanctioned as a gift to marriage of employee.

      Technical Qualification Allowance :  Rs.1000/- per Month as Technical Qualification allowance those who are possessing ITI/Diploma qualification and working in Production & Mainteannce Wings From MMW to Tradesman- D cadre including Casual Labour.

      Retirement Benefit : Sick leave converted to EL at the time of retirement of employee for payment of leave encashment maximum 300 days (EL+ sick leave).  Rs.30,000/- is sanctioned to present Memento to retiring employee.

      Compassionate Appointment : Restored.  Employment to be given i) to the spouse /children of the deceased employee in terms of G.O. MS No. 01, dt. 22-02-2008 , PE III Dept ii) to the spouse /children of the employee who retire on medical invalidation in terms of G.O. Ms No. 661, dt. 23-10-2008(Gen. Admin) Services G. dept. and also extended one day gross salary payable to the employees to the family of regular employee and Rs.2.00 lakhs to the Casual Labour as a special case subject to work attend by the employee for particular day.

  Group Insurance:  Under this policy Rs.1 lakh compensation in case of accidental death and in the event of injury compensation is fixed by Insurance Company.

     Gratuity, Leave Encashment, EPF and ESI:  As per relevant Acts.

     Gift:  Every year a gift is being provided to all employees on occasion of New Year .

    Funeral Expenses:  One month gross salary for permanent employee & Rs. 10,000/- for Casual Labour.

    Children Education concession:  Rs.1000/- per year per two children from LKG to 12th class.


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