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1)                 Mechanical Maintenance Wing is contributing its services 24/7 maintaining the AEFP, UNICEF & Raava Plants.

2)                 Mechanical Wing is well equipped with various Machines such as Radial Drilling machines, Shaping machine, Milling machine, Lathe machine and also power hack-saw/Cut-machines to undertake day-to-day activities of Plant maintenance.

3)                 Mechanical Wing is comprising of well qualified Engineers, Diploma, ITI Technicians with vast experience in the field of food processing machinery.

4)                 Apart from the regular Plant Preventive maintenance, Mechanical Wing  manufacture / machining of hammer mill beaters, fabrication of Hammer Mill, Mesh frames, reconditioning of Movement Trolleys, etc.

5)                 Maintenance of high pressure vessels such as Boiler of capacity 4 Tons Per Hour and also getting approval / inspections of the Govt. Officials, i.e. Inspector of Boiler, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Annual Maintenance of Boiler is taken-up every December duly checking the safety valves, steam lines, tubes in-side the boiler and also the hydraulic Test Certification.

6)                 Mechanical Wing takes up timely modification and various automations as per the changes in the final products.

7)                 Takes up renewals of factory Licenses and Furnace Oil Licenses.

8)                 Maintenance of Minimum Spares as per the requirement.

9)                 Necessary proposals of various Plant related Spares, Modification works file movements is taken up on top priority.

10)             Mechanical Wing Staff are also deputed for attending various Training Programmes relating to Preventive Breakdowns and Process machinery.

11)             Mechanical Wing is also giving Technical Training to the Personnel from ITI Apprenticeship or Trainee.

12)             PMC (APITCO) is in the process of Bid preparation for machinery specification for the proposed GAIN Plant of 10 MT/Hr capacity.

13)             Correspondence with all the PIC Members, Purchase & Technical Committee Members, Steering Committee Members and GAIN Oversight Committee Members.

14)             Fabrication and commissioning & installation of Vanaspati & Refined Palmoline oil Storage Tanks (2 Nos.) of 100 KL each in A.P. Foods premises completed.

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